Stop Commission Thieves By Cloaking Affiliate Links

Cloaking affiliate links are absolutely necessary when you expect to make an

Affiliate Link Cloaking

income online through affiliate marketing. Whether you are new to creating affiliate marketing campaigns and making money online or you’re an old pro who fully understand the intricacies of running the best home based businesses, the cloaking or masking of your affiliate links has to become the first step to being successful with any online affiliate program.

Without using any form of link cloaking as a primary marketing tool in your advertising campaigns, you’re literally leaving the door wide open for commission thieves to commit a robbery against you.

Cloaking or hiding the actual URL of your affiliate links is the key to making money online and securing any sales you generate from your marketing campaigns and ensuring you receive your commissions.

While most affiliate programs leave cookies and tracking codes on the computers of visitors to their affiliate’s links, there is still a high risk of losing sales to people who choose not to purchase, or join a program through an uncloaked affiliate link.

Marketers are discovering that their sales increase tremendously when they hide affiliate links before starting any advertising campaign online. It is fairly simple to encrypt and track your affiliate links through services like but it’s also very important to read the Terms of Service of the affiliate program to avoid having your cloaked links deleted for being in violation of the terms.

Once a cloaked affiliate link is deleted so are any future sales or commissions that may have come from your marketing promotions.

There are lots of other options like free affiliate link cloaking software, and scripts to mask and protect your affiliate marketing business but the bottom line is that every successful entrepreneur in the make money working online industry understands that cloaking affiliate links are an important strategy to their overall success.



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  • Affiliate Programs

    Affiliate marketing is one of the most recent discovered uses in the internet. It is a marketing tool used by companies that enables them to reach out to more consumers in the online world. These companies make use of sales people whom they refer to as affiliate marketers who are responsible in dealing with the promotion of the products and websites.


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  • Oh yeah, fabulous stuff there you!Cloaking links in the affiliate game is so important. Thanks!

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