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Top 3 List Of Work From Home Jobs For 2020

The top three list of work from home jobs to make money online in 2020 are outlined below for you to dive in and devour.

However, before you jump in and start signing up for an online opportunity to work at home, Here’s the deal…

I would like to strongly suggest you first take the necessary time to consider the type of money making niche that would be suitable for you.

Use your imagination… What do you see yourself enjoying and making money with at the same time ?

How much money can you comfortably afford to invest into launching your home business?

Be realistic about how much or how little time you can put into doing all work-from-home jobs you consider before spending any of your own money to start your online business.

The truth is… you will have to spend a significant amount of time marketing your products and services to reach your target market and make money.

Assess your strengths and be honest about your limitations… Do you have any technical skills you can use to create a website or start a blog?

How are you going to advertise your work at home business online? Are you comfortable with using social media and being completely transparent?

These are all questions you will need to honestly answer in order to be successful at all tyes of work-from-home jobs.

Why does this matter? While there are plenty of home business scams to go around the entire internet a few times.

The good news is, there are tons of ethical ways to start making money online without falling prey to the vultures associated with online home business scams.

The Top 3 Work-From-Home Jobs For 2020:

  • Freelance Writing – Every day, hundreds of established organizations and small businesses face the challenge of finding talented freelance writers to hire for various freelance writing gigs within their company or for their website. The truth is, there are far more freelance writing job opportunities than there are writers. This creates an opportunity for you to leverage your writing skills and start your own business to create an ongoing source of income working online from home.

You can push your writing career to the next level by providing a service that is in high demand and work from home or anywhere you choose as a freelance writer.

You can complete your writing assignments from anywhere in the world with access to the internet and, your laptop or any device that will allow you to efficiently do your work.

TIP: If you want to attract potential work-at-home freelance writing jobs, write blogs on your LinkedIn profile to attract people who will pay you to post articles on your blog.

You can also research websites offering legitimate freelance writer job opportunities that will give you access to resources to start working from home.

  • Review Products – Turn your passion into profit writing reviews or making videos about anything you choose. You can start writing reviews on your blog by becoming an affiliate of brands you are familiar with and write about those products to create your blog or website content.

Here’s what you can take advantage of… Reviewing products with an affiliate program attached to it can make you a lot of money because you can review high-end products like appliances, bicycles, designer clothing, luxury cars, hotels, vacation destinations or anything you could think of and get paid a great commission on every sale you generate from your affiliate link.

The price range of the product is limited only by what you are able to honestly access and review. You can create a marketing campaign on social media and send prospective customers to your product or service.

Depending on the products you review and the amount of paying customers you get to your website, the percentage of your affiliate commission from each sale can generate a respectable amount of money for you.

TIP: Be honest about your experience and be clear about both the pros and cons of the products and services you review.

If you observe any room for improvement let your blog readers and followers know so that they’re aware of all the details before deciding on their purchase.

Consumers will put their trust in you for being honest with them and companies value constructive feedback on their product. Use your social media platforms to create a buzz and an engaged audience for your reviews.

If you need a blog to start writing your reviews, go to and sign up for a free blog.

You can easily find products to review and make money on affiliate networks like

  • Host Travelers: I understand this money making option isn’t for everyone however, before you cancel out this idea here’s the truth…

If you live in a big city or beautiful country side and have a well kept space in your home you can make a lot of money hosting travelers.

While this money making idea may seem exclusive you would be surprised to learn that even small spaces in a great location can make you more money than you imagine.

The truth is… Travelers are vulnerable in new surroundings and having somewhere convenient and safe to stay is highly sought after.

You can rent out your apartment, cottage or even a bedroom in your home during any season or special event when hotels are likely to be at their capacity.

Make it easy for your guests to discover the highlights in the area by providing information about restaurants, transportation, local events or anything useful but most of all make it a safe and pleasant experience for your guests and they will send you referrals which adds up to more money in your pocket.

TIP: Your safety is number one and having a complete stranger in your home can be risky. Lower your risk by using trusted websites like Airbnb and to list your space and get pre-screened travelers as paying guests.

These are the top three list of work from home jobs for 2020 that you can use to start making money from home.

They are by no means a get rich quick scheme but these work-from-home jobs can help you to create multiple streams of income on your own time.

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