How To Avoid Work From Home Scams

Work from home scams can be difficult to avoid if you’re new to the concept of finding jobs which permits you toWork From Home Scams start working at home on your own time.

With the growth and popularity of the internet, there are millions of people who want to earn extra cash with minimum effort from the comfort of their own home.

While work at home jobs and online business opportunities are becoming increasingly available, there are unfortunately thousands of companies on the world wide web offering work at home jobs that are undoubtedly scams.

Since working from home is an attractive offer in today’s economy, false home job opportunities are also becoming very prevalent on the internet. Some common work from home scams like envelope stuffing is easily recognized, but unfortunately, work at home scams can take many forms.

Most of these companies will not guarantee regular employment or payment for home-based workers.

They will not provide any transparent information you will need to make an educated decision and, others will request that you pay for information before revealing any details about the work at jobs you’re interested in.

Some of these work from home scam companies will also ask for cash up front to provide training and this is currently costing victims globally millions of dollars, and loss of valuable time.

To avoid becoming a victim of these unscrupulous work at home scams, you have to completely research the company before accepting any job offer. In fact, legitimate work at home programs provide all the information you may need in writing and are available in a timely manner to answer all questions that arise.

Tips To Avoid Work From Home Scams:

1. If you’re required to provide personal or sensitive information, avoid giving it to an unknown person or company. Provide personal information only to companies that you can confirm as legitimate and, trustworthy.

2. Check the company credentials and history with consumers by typing the name of the company in the search box of the Better Business Bureau to find reliable information. If there are numerous consistent complaints filed with the company in question, avoid making any contact with them.

3. Their road to wealth is not an easy walk through the park. Work from home jobs usually requires some degree of effort for you to earn extra cash. Therefore beware of companies that promise to make you rich overnight, there is no such thing unless you win the lottery, and become a millionaire overnight.

Reshipping fraud is quickly becoming one of the most common work from home scams. Home-based workers are required to receive, repack and mail merchandise to a foreign address. They are promised a substantial amount of money for these tasks, but the unsuspecting employee has no way of knowing may that the merchandise they’re shipping was paid for with stolen credit cards.

These home-based workers unwittingly become a part of the scam by receiving and mailing stolen goods without any knowledge that they’ve become involved in a work from home scam. Once the worker receives the merchandise, repackages it, and send it off with their own funds they are told that they will be repaid on their pay date but it usually gets very complicated.

The employees are eventually paid with a cashier’s check, but oddly enough the check they receive is for way more than they’re owed. They are then asked to deposit the check and, send the difference to the employer’s overseas bank account. Eventually, the cashier’s check bounces and the workers then find themselves owing to their bank the amount of the whole check.

If you want to secure a legitimate work from home job, do yourself some good by not accepting any job opportunity that promises to provide a substantial income for a part-time job that will usually carry an average pay scale.

Avoid get rich quick schemes by remembering only hard work, and dedication can help you earn extra cash working from home.

If you’re ever asked to pay for educational materials or start-up kits, do not send your hard earned money to these scam companies. Legitimate work from home companies does not charge anything to hire you.

  • If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of any company, ask for additional information or references.

If the company is not willing to provide references, then beware because you could be heading into the territory of work from home scams.

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