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Top 5 Quick Steps To Start An Online Business and Make Money in 2020

So you want to start an online business, make money and live your best life from wherever you please.

Your dream of working from home and making money online has become more than an idea you give a few minutes of your attention to because it now consumes most of your thoughts.

You’ve decided that you’re ready to commit to starting an online-business and make money but you don’t quite know where to start.

You came to the right place looking for information but here’s the deal you will have to be realistic about what it actually takes to run an online business plus commit yourself to putting in the time and extra work it will require to operate a successful business online.

You also need to understand the importance of creating awareness about your brand or product to attract customers who want what you’re selling whether they recognize that as a fact or not.

Although the title of this article is 5 quick steps to start an online-business and make-money it’s not going to be as easy as implied.

The truth is you will have to follow the first four steps over a period of time to get to step #5 and see remarkable results.

However, the benefit of each of the following steps is it will quickly allow you start a business online without having to do a ton of research.

  • Step #1: Decide on a product. What are you going to sell to online to make-money?

Pick a specific product and narrow it down to one item if it falls into a broad category like heath and beauty for example.

There are tons of products to choose from when it comes to beauty but you can choose to specialize in one specific area like virgin hair extensions, mink lashes or make-up pallets to start an online business.

Of course you can add more than one product but it’s best to start with one.

Although the example is geared towards beauty products you can target any other niche that you’re interested in or have lots of knowledge about to start your business.

Whether you’re into beauty and personal care, consumer electronics, fashion apparel, home appliances, technology or anything else you can pick a specific product to start your own business.

The best part is you don’t need to stock a lot or any of your products to make-money-online.

  • Step #2 Find A Wholesaler. Finding a reliable wholesaler is the key to running a successful business online. It can take a bit of research and an investment of some money to find the best supplier for your online-business.

The amount of your financial investment depends of course on the cost of your product and the amount you will need to get your business started.

Contacting a wholesaler may seem intimidating but it’s a lot easier than you imagine and you can email them directly to ask any questions you have before making a purchase.

Start by doing a search on Google to find “wholesale (add product) vendors” you’re interested in doing business with.

Look closely at the photos of the products on their websites to determine the quality and read customer reviews whenever possible.

On websites like you can filter your search to find suppliers by country or who will brand your product with your business name, package and, ship it directly to your customers at little or no additional cost to you when you place your orders.

Create a list of prices and any questions you need answered such as whether or not you can purchase or get a free sample before placing your full order which usually has a minimum number you have to buy to get wholesale prices.

TIP: Be strategic. Place a sample order through a few suppliers and compare the difference in quality, shipping and customer service so you can decide which one is the best fit for your business.

Use your product samples to take lots of photos, post on your blog, create video content and plan your social media campaigns.

Enlist your family or friends if you need models and you’re on a tight budget. This will give you pictures or videos of different people interacting with and using your product.

Even if you only have one sample it will look like you have a full stock when you use different models or settings.

You can also step outside of your comfort zone and make videos yourself to promote your product. Do a review or make demonstration videos for YouTube. Take selfies using your product as a prop whenever possible, plan your social media stories, schedule specific times to go Live and, pin to Pinterest.

Create a and account to schedule your pins or tweets, gather relevant marketing material to create engaging content, advertise your online business and make-money.

  • Step #3 Create your business social media profiles. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to sell and on a name for your online business create a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every social media platform you can using your business name.

Follow the business pages of as many brands in your niche as possible and interact with them frequently on social media using your business page.

Comment on their posts, ask open ended questions or provide answers in the comment section. Give constructive feedback and like or share their content.

TIP: Follow the people who follow and interact with these brand pages as they are your potential customers.

The truth is most people will not follow a stranger or unknown brand but some will check out your page and follow you back if your content is engaging or they’re passionate about your niche.

You will have to follow lots of people every day at first but keep posting engaging content to your social media networks, strategically follow people to create brand awareness and your targeted niche audience will grow into a solid customer base.

Remember to also use relevant hashtags in your posts so that they show up in search results.

  • Step #4 Buy a domain name. Buying a domain name and building a website is the next thing you want to do. Of course you want to buy a domain name that is the same as your business name as well as your business social media profiles.

You can use Big Cartel, Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, or any other website builder even if you have very limited technical skills to easily build your website and add your payment processing methods.

Having a domain name gives your online business credibility and a professional image. People will be more likely to trust you as an online-business owner when they can place an order on your business website.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of building a website you can hire a website designer to get your website up and running for a reasonable price because to be taken seriously online you need a business website with a domain name.

Investing in buying a domain name and building a website is very cheap. This particular step is all for your benefit because people will buy from you when they believe you’re a professional.

Your potential customers will trust you and, feel comfortable doing business with you when they can browse and make a purchase online through your professional website.

  • Step #5 Make Money Online. Follow steps 1 through 4 and you will make-money-online.

Depending on the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into these five quick steps to start your online business you can easily work-at-home or from anywhere you choose and make money online in a short space of time.

Here are the top 5 quick steps to start an online-business and make money online in 2020 again:

  • Decide on the product you’re going to sell and do some research to find reliable wholesale vendors who will brand, package and, ship products directly to your customers for you.
  • Pick a business name. Create business pages on all social media platforms. Use the exact business name on each platform and add engaging content frequently. Give yourself time to create brand awareness.
  • Follow and engage with brands in your niche and also follow their followers.
  • Buy a domain name, build your blog or website, add your product and payment processes.
  • Make-Money. Make as much or as little as you want to and do it on your own time.

Follow these top five quick steps to start an online business and you will make-money in 2020 and beyond without having to invest too much cash upfront to get the ball rolling.

Make Money Online

Top 2 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Ever wondered how you can make money online legitimately while working from home?

We will share the top 2 easy ways to make-money-online with you but first here’s the deal you have to decide if you’re willing to make an investment of your time and money to become successful at making money online.

Make money online

Undoubtedly there are tons of ways online to make money from home in every niche you can imagine.

However, you have to be very careful about what you choose to sign up for or invest in.

Before you decide on your first financial investment to make-money-online do your due diligence and get as much information as you can about any moneymaking opportunities you choose.

Gather as much information as you can about the best ways to start earning money online before investing your hard earned dollars into schemes that can cost you more than you bargained for.

The truth is even legitimate ways to work-from-home and make money online will come with some financial investment so it’s super important to make a solid business plan and be clear about what steps you’re taking to make money.

To make-money-online it’s recommended that you have your own website to add content pertaining to your affiliate program but it isn’t necessarily a requirement.

Here’s the good news if you aren’t great at writing content for your blogs or website you can get high quality articles specifically geared towards your niche through websites like to rewrite and use as your own

So now that you’ve done your research and see the potential for you to make a substantial amount of money working from home here are the top 2 ways to make money online.

  • Sell Domain Names

Did you know that selling domain names is one of the best ways to make-money-online and you can even start your business for free?

Here’s how:

Sign up for a free account to sell domains as an affiliate with Cloudways.

You will get your uniquely coded URL to share with potential buyers of domains and hosting services.

  • Promote your link in articles on your blog, website and social media platforms to reach more clients and make money online when they purchase their domain name and website hosting from your affiliate link.

You can invest in targeted advertising to run email marketing campaigns and promote your domain and hosting business to attract customers.

As the internet becomes accessible to people all over the world having a website is becoming a greater necessity and this is a very profitable source for you to make-money-online.

The second way for you to work at home and make money online is limited only by your imagination because if you’re an expert in any field people are willing to pay you for the information.

  • The good news is you can share your passions for profit.

What are you passionate about? Did you know that you can use that passion and generate a healthy stream of money simply by sharing it?

You will be surprised at how quick you can earn money online by sharing your knowledge.

Here’s how you can make money sharing your knowledge Can you copy and paste links to your social media networks?

If you answered yes to the question head over to Amazon and join what is possibly the world’s biggest merchandise affiliate program.

Once you’ve created your account simply follow the instructions for each product you choose to promote and start writing reviews using your knowledge about the product as content for your website. Place your affiliate link within the body of your article and you will make money.

You can share your interest with every relevant product to make-money-online regardless of what you choose to promote.

Even an ipod can become your primary source of income without you having to make a single investment in stock. Simply share your knowledge by writing reviews on your blog and use affiliate programs to make sales.

Now that you know the top 2 ways to make money online you can choose to work from home at your own pace with these top two income generating strategies.

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The Top 3 Work From Home Jobs – How To Make Money Online

The top three work from home jobs to make money online are listed below. However, before you jump in and start signing up for an online opportunity to work from home, Here’s the deal… I would like to strongly suggest you first take the necessary time to consider the type of money making niche that would be suitable for you before you jump into anything.

Be realistic about how much or how little time you can invest in doing work from homeWork At Home Business jobs before spending any of your own money to start your online business.

Do you have any technical skills that you can use to create a website or start a blog? How are you going to market your products or services online? Are you good at using social media?

These are all questions you will need honest answers for in order to be successful with work from home jobs. Why is this an important step?

While there are plenty of home business scams to go around the entire internet a few times, it turns out that there are also tons of ethical ways to start making money online without falling prey to the many pitfalls associated with some online home business ideas.


The Top 3 Work From Home Jobs For 2018:


  • Freelance Writer  – Every day, hundreds of established organizations and small businesses face the challenge of finding talented freelance writers they can hire for various freelance writing gigs within their company or for their website. The truth is there are far more freelance writing job opportunities than there are writers and you can leverage your writing skills to start your own business and create an ongoing source of income working from home.

The benefit is… You can push your writing career to the next level by providing a service that is in high demand and work from home or anywhere you choose as a freelance writer with just your assignments, access to the internet and your device.


  • TIP: If you want to attract potential work from home freelance writing jobs, write blogs on your LinkedIn profile to get people who will pay you to post articles on your blog. You can also find a list of freelance writer job opportunities at the following top two websites and start working from home as a freelance writer.


They are:


  • home business ideaReview Products – You can start writing reviews on your blog and, find affiliate products you are familiar with to write about as your content.

Reviewing products which have an affiliate program attached to it can make you a lot of money because when you review high-end products like appliances, bikes, cars, hotels, vacations or anything you could think of, the price range of the product is limited only by what you are able to honestly review and create a marketing campaign to send prospective customers to.


What’s in it for you? Depending on the price range of the products you review, the percentage of your affiliate commission from each sale can generate a respectable amount of money in your affiliate account.


  • TIP: Be honest about your experience and specifically state both the pros and the cons of the products you review. If you observe any room for improvement let your readers know so that they’re aware of all the details before deciding on their purchase. Consumers will love you for being honest and companies truly value constructive feedback on their product.


If you need a blog to start writing your reviews, you can go to or and sign up for a free blog. You can easily find products to review from established brands at affiliate networks like and


  • Try Free Apps – This is a more fun and less committed way for you to work from home and make money online. You can download free apps on your Android orWork From Home Jobs - Feature Points iPhone and earn points by trying them for a few minutes. You can delete the app whenever you wish or choose to keep it on your device.

Either way, you will make money for downloading and installing the app.

How can you actually make money for using smartphone apps? To get paid you simply redeem the points in your account for rewards which include paid apps that would normally cost you money out of your pocket to download, iTunes, Amazon, and, Starbucks gift cards plus PayPal cash.


  • TIP: You can use your social media networks to refer your friends and followers to earn unlimited points which you can convert to PayPal cash, gift cards or other rewards such as paid apps. Send out your referral link and you’ll get 50% of the points anyone of your referrals earns at Use CODE: cashjobs to get 50 FREE Points.

These are the top three work from home jobs that I can safely recommend to anyone wanting to start making money online. They are by no means a get rich quick scheme but these super easy cash jobs can help you to work from home and create multiple streams of additional income.


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The Top 3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The top three easy ways to make-money-online are listed below but before you get too comfortable the truth is making money online can be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

As more people become interested in finding legitimate work from home jobs and ways to start an online business the opportunity to succeed in a specific niche is far greater because you can use your own skills to make money.

Ways To Make Money Online

The good news is regardless of whether you’re already employed, retired or in between jobs and want to find ways to earn extra cash there are plenty of jobs online for you to choose from and make money.

Once you begin to understand how to make-money-online you will see that there are no shortage of opportunities to succeed in any niche you can relate to.

For example Christine Durst, a work from home career expert and, the co-founder of provides many legitimate ways to work at home and make money online on her website. You will find lots of cash-jobs that you or anyone with internet access can do to make additional income.

While there is definitely the threat of work-at-home businesses being linked to scams the fact is there are still tons of legitimate ways to make money online for you to choose from.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The top three easy ways to make money online are outlined below for you. These are options that are generally less demanding as far as having any technical skills but you will need to invest your time into marketing your business.

You can start any of these moneymaking ideas at your own pace and choose the best option for you.

1. YouTube Creator

  • To make money online as a YouTube creator will require your time and the ability to produce engaging content to attract and keep subscribers on your YouTube channel.

You will have to create content that can help to improve your viewer’s life in some way. Whether you do DIY videos or product reviews you can use your YouTube channel to share your expertise on any topic and monetize your videos. Use the description box to share your affiliate offers.

Tip: Prepare a schedule to upload videos to your channel on a regular basis. This will allow your subscribers to get used to your content being uploaded on specific days.

While this method may seem particularly easy the truth is you will have to meet all of the updated terms and conditions before you’re able to monetize your channel and make money online using YouTube.

Pay Scale: As high as you can make it by producing engaging content which generates thousands to millions of views on YouTube.

Where can you find YouTube creator jobs and collaborations? Read more about making money online with and how to get your channel up and running.

2. Write product reviews or make product review videos.
Writing product reviews is a very easy way for you to make-money-online because chances are you already use the products and can share your knowledge with fellow consumers from your experience.

Consumers frequently search for product reviews before purchasing anything new that they’re interested in.

They want to know about what their experience will be when they buy any product for the first time. As a product reviewer, you can provide valuable insights by video, writing articles or even making a podcast based on your experience with the product.

When you make any favourable reviews you can direct your audience to purchase it through your affiliate link.

Product Review Pay Scale: All of the product review content you create can make money for you depending on the price of the product your’re reviewing, your marketing campaigns and your affiliate percentage per sale.

You can get products to review at and make money online without having to pay for inventory.
3. Sell Advertising To Make Money Online
  • Last but not least the third easy way to make-money-online is to start selling advertising.

Let’s be honest working from home is a great side hustle and you can put a lot more money into your bank account selling advertising because companies all across the globe are looking for people like you to put their product in front of potential customers.

By simply typing up ads and posting them online, they’re willing to pay you in return for the website traffic you can generate or sales you make.

It’s a win-win situation because they will get customers who are interested in their products and you get compensated with cash in your pocket for the sales leads.

Sell your advertising or marketing campaigns on websites like where you can use your skills to make money online from anywhere in the world.

Pay Scale: People doing these types of work-at-home jobs are currently making enough money to comfortably support them on a monthly basis.

Where else can you find easy ways to make-money-online? Read more here and share your work-from-home in the comment box below.
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How To Make Extra Money Online

How easy is it to make extra money online? According to countless not so transparent schemes being promoted making money online can turn you into an overnight millionaire with very little or no effort.

However, are these phenomenal claims even realistic? Many people worldwide want to make extra money online as they become aware of the numerous opportunities

Make Extra Money Online

that are becoming readily available for them to work from home.

Why does this matter? For whatever personal reason, people are looking for the fastest way to earn money online working with legitimate affiliate programs or creating the online presence for the home business ideas they have.

Making money on the internet is rapidly growing to encompass every niche you can imagine. It offers a real opportunity for anyone who has the time available and, wants to make extra money working from home doing something they actually enjoy.

Internet money making opportunities are quite extensive, and is limited only to your skill set or ability to make any amount of sales in your niche. To be effective at making money on the internet, it’s a great idea to start with a product or service you’re already familiar with or truly care about.

Here’s the deal… Many established brands are beginning to recruit consumers to promote their products or services in return for a commission on all sales and, this is creating an easy way for you or anyone to make extra money online.

Whether you love books, fashion, following social media trends, making money with photography, web design or any other category there is definitely a variety of legitimate ways to make extra money online.

Your hobbies, interests, and also professional training from your chosen career path can all be used as a legitimate source to help you decide on how to make extra money online.

The challenge is… It’s a disturbing fact that internet money making scams are also just as popular and, can appear to be very legit even to the best and more experienced affiliate marketers. This alone is enough to deter anyone from becoming affiliated with make money companies which emerge quite frequently online.

You can avoid being caught in these unscrupulous traps by researching any affiliate network or company you decide to choose to make extra money online.

How To Make Extra Money Online – 2 Powerful TIPS

  • Pick Affiliate Programs From Established Brands – When looking into opportunities to earn money online as a beginner you may want to first consider picking an affiliate program with an established brand before venturing out into unknown territory. Established brands value their reputation and, they have many years of experience providing outstanding customer service to consumers.

The best part is… You most likely will not be required to handle any issue that arises during and, after a sale or online transaction. This also gives you the immediate credibility you may need to represent the items you’re promoting.

  • Become An Expert – “Knowledge is power” Learn everything there is to know about the company, product or service you’re affiliated with. Always have the information ready to share with all of the brand consumers you encounter or from the sales which are generated through your marketing campaigns. To make extra money online you have to be able to provide answers.

You can help to find positive solutions for your target audience’s problems and, understand the value of your niche to those who use it.

What’s in it for you? By becoming an expert on your product and, gathering as much information as you possibly can, you will also create another way to make money by blogging about the products you promote.

Highlight all of the benefits you’re aware of and, even mention known negative issues that you may have found a solution for and share your article reviews on your social media networks to get potential consumer traffic to your blog or website.

It is becoming even less of a challenge for anyone to make extra money online.

However, the number one rule is to be smart about what you choose to sell or promote. You need to be knowledgeable about your product and be able to confidently answer any concerns or questions your customers will have.

Research every opportunity to help you make an educated decision and, to avoid internet money making scams. Pay attention to all red flags and you will earn money online.