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Top Three Powerful Steps To Get Paid To Work From Home In 2020

What are the top three powerful steps to get paid to work from home or anywhere you choose and build a successful online business in 2020?

Do you have what it takes to be a successful online entrepreneur?

Can you figure out which business opportunity is worth pursuing?

Let’s be honest… Those are the questions you need to ask if you seriously want to explore your options to work-from-home and get paid to do so before you commit to anything.

The answers you need to figure out are for obvious reasons like accomplishing the financial freedom you imagine or the ability to live your life without restrictive commitments such as a completely unfulfilling 9-5 job.

While most people can now appreciate the fact that there are plenty of opportunities online which can lead you to a transformational lifestyle upgrade the truth is it isn’t going to happen overnight or even in the next three plus months unless you’ve adjusted your mindset about how you can make good money from home, prepared a solid plan and have the necessary tools to help you become successful.

Although it appears to be easy to make money quickly online because of misleading marketing phrases like you can start your “free online business” and “earn money online” without doing anything, the fact is you will have to put in work to experience the long term financial growth you want to achieve.

Start with assessing the ways you can be appealing to brands in any niche with the ability to collaborate with you. Also consider how your business can make an impact on social media platforms for your targeted demographic.

Another major question is can you realistically make good money from home with your business idea?

Or do you need to pick a completely different niche?

This festering dream of working from home that anyone with internet access and a technological device can invest in is easily accessed through many niches pertaining to their personal interests.

However, it requires you being able to face the reality that the highest paying work at home jobs takes a lot of planning and investment both financially and emotionally.

Here’s the thing… To get paid to work-from-home you need to decide first and foremost what exactly it is that you would love to do to make good money from home.

Can you reproduce your product quickly enough to generate a sustainable income? Is the demand for your service large enough to create an income that will allow you to get the lifestyle upgrade you imagine?

What you probably don’t know is you’re already in a position to change your life and working from home is not as complicated as you’ve imagined.

The answer you most likeky need revealed is how?

Keep reading to see the top three powerful steps to becoming a successful online business owner and get paid to work-from-home. You will get the answers as you read this article from the comfort of wherever you’re located.

What it takes to accomplish the financial freedom you imagine is your time and dedication to get your business up and effectively running.

You literally hold the key to making millions, thousands or even hundreds of dollars and it’s all depending on what you want to do to succeed.

Presumably you’ve done your due diligence and picked a niche you can make money with.

You’re prepared to invest your time and money to secure your dream of working from home however, you’re still missing the next steps you need to take to give you the opportunity to succeed.

As frustrating as it can feel not knowing the correct way to make-money-online the good news is there are three powerful steps you can use to overcome your limitations and successfully run an online business.

The three powerful steps you can take right now to get paid to work from home and build a successful online business are:

  1. Invest in a coach.
  2. Build an email list.
  3. Use a proven system.

Let’s look at investing in a coach.

When you got your driver’s license did you invest time or money in someone to help you learn how drive? Did you invest in your education to get your degree? Did you invest in a real estate agent, mortgage broker or lawyer for your home? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Since you see the benefits of investing in a professional for everything you want to successfully accomplish why wouldn’t you invest in a business coach who can help you to get paid to work at home?

The benefit of having a business coach is you can immediately eliminate a ton of stress by tapping into their relevant knowledge about your niche.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a lot of money or any money at all if you’re willing to take the time to learn from a successful entrepreneur who is making money online.

Professional coaches are available to you free of charge on websites like and they offer business, marketing and, traffic generation courses for free or at prices within every budget.

You can complete them online on your own time or download a PDF file of their personal strategies and use them in your online business to make money.

You can also choose to schedule a one on one coaching session or register for a class and pay for specific information. The options are available to you according to your budget but investing in a coach is an excellent way to quickly learn how to work from home and get paid.

Next, the second step to get paid to work-at-home is to be completely clear and transparent about how you plan to expose your product to your potential customers.

Why would you choose to build an email list?

The truth is… building an email list will create a way for you to attract and connect with potential customers who are interested in making a purchase in your niche.

These are the people who are as passionate about your product as you are and they want to be notified about anything that will benefit them or change their experiences in any way.

Fact is there are billions of email addresses in the world and you can grow your targeted audience to as big as you can imagine.

The obvious winning result will be a base of interested potential customers who approved your access by digitally agreeing to let you send them marketing campaigns because they find value in being influenced or informed about your niche.

Clearly the opportunity to repeatedly get paid to work from home by building your email list is enormous and goes way beyond one specific niche.

You can quickly build an email list for every niche in your target markets and continue to grow them to any size by providing something that is beneficial to your prospects in exchange for their email address.

The best news is you can easily learn how to build an email list by investing in your business and taking an email marketing course for far less than the cost of dinner on that will teach you the exact steps to building your email lists.

What you need to know is your email list is your tribe of people you can build trust and a relationship with through your marketing campaigns without owning a product and still make-money-online.

The third powerful step you can take advantage of to get paid to work-from-home in 2020 is to use a proven system.

Here’s the deal you will benefit immediately by using a proven system like email marketing to sell your products. Since most of the work is done for you when you become an affiliate you can start making money online in as little time as possible by learning how to build an email list and use email marketing campaigns which is a proven system to make-money-online.

This gives your business an edge over your offline competitors because you’re going to have to invest very little capital to get a well designed, fully stocked ecommerce website which allows you to launch your online business with just a few clicks.

You can use proven systems like email marketing and start your business without the responsibility of having adequate space for your inventory.

With more than 3 billion people using the internet on a daily basis you can email market your proven affiliate products to an astounding amount of leads and earn unlimited commissions on their transactions.

The truth is that by tapping into a proven system like email-marketing your affiliate offers they will be seen by people who want to receive your emails and this is in fact a proven system that can keep multiplying to grow your online business to any size you imagine.

The benefit of using a proven system is that it can quickly provide opportunities for you to get paid to work from home in 2020 and far beyond.

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Top 3 List Of Work From Home Jobs For 2020

The top three list of work from home jobs to make money online in 2020 are outlined below for you to dive in and devour.

However, before you jump in and start signing up for an online opportunity to work at home, Here’s the deal…

I would like to strongly suggest you first take the necessary time to consider the type of money making niche that would be suitable for you.

Use your imagination… What do you see yourself enjoying and making money with at the same time ?

How much money can you comfortably afford to invest into launching your home business?

Be realistic about how much or how little time you can put into doing all work-from-home jobs you consider before spending any of your own money to start your online business.

The truth is… you will have to spend a significant amount of time marketing your products and services to reach your target market and make money.

Assess your strengths and be honest about your limitations… Do you have any technical skills you can use to create a website or start a blog?

How are you going to advertise your work at home business online? Are you comfortable with using social media and being completely transparent?

These are all questions you will need to honestly answer in order to be successful at all tyes of work-from-home jobs.

Why does this matter? While there are plenty of home business scams to go around the entire internet a few times.

The good news is, there are tons of ethical ways to start making money online without falling prey to the vultures associated with online home business scams.

The Top 3 Work-From-Home Jobs For 2020:

  • Freelance Writing – Every day, hundreds of established organizations and small businesses face the challenge of finding talented freelance writers to hire for various freelance writing gigs within their company or for their website. The truth is, there are far more freelance writing job opportunities than there are writers. This creates an opportunity for you to leverage your writing skills and start your own business to create an ongoing source of income working online from home.

You can push your writing career to the next level by providing a service that is in high demand and work from home or anywhere you choose as a freelance writer.

You can complete your writing assignments from anywhere in the world with access to the internet and, your laptop or any device that will allow you to efficiently do your work.

TIP: If you want to attract potential work-at-home freelance writing jobs, write blogs on your LinkedIn profile to attract people who will pay you to post articles on your blog.

You can also research websites offering legitimate freelance writer job opportunities that will give you access to resources to start working from home.

  • Review Products – Turn your passion into profit writing reviews or making videos about anything you choose. You can start writing reviews on your blog by becoming an affiliate of brands you are familiar with and write about those products to create your blog or website content.

Here’s what you can take advantage of… Reviewing products with an affiliate program attached to it can make you a lot of money because you can review high-end products like appliances, bicycles, designer clothing, luxury cars, hotels, vacation destinations or anything you could think of and get paid a great commission on every sale you generate from your affiliate link.

The price range of the product is limited only by what you are able to honestly access and review. You can create a marketing campaign on social media and send prospective customers to your product or service.

Depending on the products you review and the amount of paying customers you get to your website, the percentage of your affiliate commission from each sale can generate a respectable amount of money for you.

TIP: Be honest about your experience and be clear about both the pros and cons of the products and services you review.

If you observe any room for improvement let your blog readers and followers know so that they’re aware of all the details before deciding on their purchase.

Consumers will put their trust in you for being honest with them and companies value constructive feedback on their product. Use your social media platforms to create a buzz and an engaged audience for your reviews.

If you need a blog to start writing your reviews, go to and sign up for a free blog.

You can easily find products to review and make money on affiliate networks like

  • Host Travelers: I understand this money making option isn’t for everyone however, before you cancel out this idea here’s the truth…

If you live in a big city or beautiful country side and have a well kept space in your home you can make a lot of money hosting travelers.

While this money making idea may seem exclusive you would be surprised to learn that even small spaces in a great location can make you more money than you imagine.

The truth is… Travelers are vulnerable in new surroundings and having somewhere convenient and safe to stay is highly sought after.

You can rent out your apartment, cottage or even a bedroom in your home during any season or special event when hotels are likely to be at their capacity.

Make it easy for your guests to discover the highlights in the area by providing information about restaurants, transportation, local events or anything useful but most of all make it a safe and pleasant experience for your guests and they will send you referrals which adds up to more money in your pocket.

TIP: Your safety is number one and having a complete stranger in your home can be risky. Lower your risk by using trusted websites like Airbnb and to list your space and get pre-screened travelers as paying guests.

These are the top three list of work from home jobs for 2020 that you can use to start making money from home.

They are by no means a get rich quick scheme but these work-from-home jobs can help you to create multiple streams of income on your own time.

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The Top 3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The top three easy ways to make-money-online are listed below but before you get too comfortable the truth is making money online can be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

As more people become interested in finding legitimate work from home jobs and ways to start an online business the opportunity to succeed in a specific niche is far greater because you can use your own skills to make money.

Ways To Make Money Online

The good news is regardless of whether you’re already employed, retired or in between jobs and want to find ways to earn extra cash there are plenty of jobs online for you to choose from and make money.

Once you begin to understand how to make-money-online you will see that there are no shortage of opportunities to succeed in any niche you can relate to.

For example Christine Durst, a work from home career expert and, the co-founder of provides many legitimate ways to work at home and make money online on her website. You will find lots of cash-jobs that you or anyone with internet access can do to make additional income.

While there is definitely the threat of work-at-home businesses being linked to scams the fact is there are still tons of legitimate ways to make money online for you to choose from.

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

The top three easy ways to make money online are outlined below for you. These are options that are generally less demanding as far as having any technical skills but you will need to invest your time into marketing your business.

You can start any of these moneymaking ideas at your own pace and choose the best option for you.

1. YouTube Creator

  • To make money online as a YouTube creator will require your time and the ability to produce engaging content to attract and keep subscribers on your YouTube channel.

You will have to create content that can help to improve your viewer’s life in some way. Whether you do DIY videos or product reviews you can use your YouTube channel to share your expertise on any topic and monetize your videos. Use the description box to share your affiliate offers.

Tip: Prepare a schedule to upload videos to your channel on a regular basis. This will allow your subscribers to get used to your content being uploaded on specific days.

While this method may seem particularly easy the truth is you will have to meet all of the updated terms and conditions before you’re able to monetize your channel and make money online using YouTube.

Pay Scale: As high as you can make it by producing engaging content which generates thousands to millions of views on YouTube.

Where can you find YouTube creator jobs and collaborations? Read more about making money online with and how to get your channel up and running.

2. Write product reviews or make product review videos.
Writing product reviews is a very easy way for you to make-money-online because chances are you already use the products and can share your knowledge with fellow consumers from your experience.

Consumers frequently search for product reviews before purchasing anything new that they’re interested in.

They want to know about what their experience will be when they buy any product for the first time. As a product reviewer, you can provide valuable insights by video, writing articles or even making a podcast based on your experience with the product.

When you make any favourable reviews you can direct your audience to purchase it through your affiliate link.

Product Review Pay Scale: All of the product review content you create can make money for you depending on the price of the product your’re reviewing, your marketing campaigns and your affiliate percentage per sale.

You can get products to review at and make money online without having to pay for inventory.
3. Sell Advertising To Make Money Online
  • Last but not least the third easy way to make-money-online is to start selling advertising.

Let’s be honest working from home is a great side hustle and you can put a lot more money into your bank account selling advertising because companies all across the globe are looking for people like you to put their product in front of potential customers.

By simply typing up ads and posting them online, they’re willing to pay you in return for the website traffic you can generate or sales you make.

It’s a win-win situation because they will get customers who are interested in their products and you get compensated with cash in your pocket for the sales leads.

Sell your advertising or marketing campaigns on websites like where you can use your skills to make money online from anywhere in the world.

Pay Scale: People doing these types of work-at-home jobs are currently making enough money to comfortably support them on a monthly basis.

Where else can you find easy ways to make-money-online? Read more here and share your work-from-home in the comment box below.
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How To Work At Home Part Time

Instead of having a job that you spend long tedious hours doing, and quite possibly hate because it isn’t permitting you to spend enough time with your family, there are opportunities to show you how to work at home part time without leaving your current source of a guaranteed paycheck.

Until you’ve accumulated enough funds to hand in your resignation, a work at home business can help lay the foundation and empower you to have better choices in life for yourself and your family.

It is now a well-known fact that the internet is making it possible for thousands, if not millions of people to make money working from home on a daily basis through being associated with the numerous online affiliate programs that are steadily becoming available.

Of course, it’s very easy to start thinking that all online money making affiliate programs are all legitimate, and making money happens with very little effort because of all the hyped up information that is readily available online.

On the contrary, it will take work, some of your time, monetary investment, and quite a bit of effort for it to become a successful replacement for your current job.

While it’s true that a computer and internet access opens the doors for anyone to work from home free of charge, and save money on overhead, being selective in what you choose to become involved in will produce better results.

When you decide to work at home part-time, you have to set goals that you can meet each day in the amount of time you have to dedicate to your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Ultimately you want to get involved in a work at home business that you actually enjoy doing, and one which isn’t creating additional stress in your life.

The whole point of working at home part time is lost if it’s making you feel miserable so ensure that you steer clear of situations or opportunities that cause undue stress or takes way more money to market than you can afford.

When seeking out legitimate opportunities to work at home part-time, it’s important to educate yourself first about what it will actually take to make money without having to break the bank, and still have the freedom to live the quality of life you imagine.

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Can Paid Surveys Make Money Online

Can paid surveys make money online? If you’ve ever received a telephone call from a telemarketer you already know that surveys make money for market research companies even though you may not have given much thought to it other than the calls are annoying in the middle of dinner or any other inappropriate time.

The death of telemarketing occurred when the “Do Not Call” Registry was implemented to stop these intrusive phone calls and just about everyone with a phone line added their number to the list.

Instead of rolling over, and staying dead survey companies invented “Get Paid Surveys Make Money Online Jobs” that are less intrusive than telemarketing, and also compensate participants for their time. These cash paying jobs can now be done in the comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you.

Once people realized that it can be one of the best paying online jobs they can do, the paid surveys job market was embraced and, it quickly became one the popular jobs that can be done online.

Paid surveys, just like many other jobs that can be done online also attracted scammers who set out to abuse the growing interest in the surveys for cash opportunity. Their unscrupulous behavior like collecting information and selling it or using it for reasons other than surveys ultimately led to reports that doing an internet survey would not produce any positive results for those hoping to earn extra cash online.

However, because advertisers and brands need feedback from consumers to change, improve or update their products, surveys for cash jobs continue to be available to anyone who is willing to spend the time it takes to complete the questionnaires online to make money in return for their opinion.

Fast Cash Jobs OnlineSurvey participants are in very high demand and can make money online because market research companies are no longer able to randomly call to find people for a focus group.

Their remedy for the National Do Not Call Registry list is instead of staffing large call centers, and paying millions of dollars in wages, they’re simply putting their surveys online and paying willing participants for their feedback.

Truthfully paid surveys can be a very time-consuming and even boring way to make extra cash from home because they are very detailed in the way information is collected and you will be required to complete the entire survey to make some money.

Just like these market research companies do their research, it’s in your best interest to exercise caution and do your due diligence by researching any surveys for cash opportunity before sharing your personal information in paid surveys.

Surveys make money for thousands of people around the world every day, and will most likely continue to be an option that you and other consumers can capitalize on to make easy money by participating in online paid surveys whenever you choose instead of being hounded by inconsiderate telemarketers.

***Updated 4/17/2018***